Frequently Asked Questions

WPPriceComparison is the new home for our flagship products, the Compare Theme and Compare+ Plugin. Compare is a Powerful, Professional, Premium WordPress Price Comparison theme. The Compare+ Plugin is the perfect extension to the Compare Price Comparison Theme, which has unique functionality for affiliates who want to build up their own Price Comparison site.

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  • Are future updates included in the price?
  • All future updates are included in the price of the theme and the plugin. Theme updates will be pushed to themforest and plugin updates can be donwloaded from this site. At the minute this is unlimited but this could change in the future.
  • Can I purchase the plugin on ThemeForest?
  • It is not possible to purchase the plugin from themeforest, this must be purchased from this site. Click here for more information Pricing and Licensing
  • Do you offer a discount on multiple license purchases?
  • We cannot offer a mutli purchase discount on the theme as we sell this through themeforest. However we do offer multi purchase discounts on the plugin, for more details click here Pricing and Licensing
  • What is your Refund Policy?
  • Once the source code has been downloaded we will not be able to refund the product. Make sure you sign up for a trial here Trial and make sure this is the product you require before purchasing.
  • Whats included in the price?
  • Included in the price of the theme and plugin is a minimum of 1 years free support through our support ticketing system. The plugin and theme both come with full source code to allow the user to change anything they wish to. Remember though any changes may cause future issues regarding support and upgrade management.
  • Configuration
  • Both Compare and Compare+ offer a high level of customization, from how the website will look to the user in terms of colours and logo to the various mapping options offered by Compare+. For more options see the documentation sections of this site.
  • Updates
  • The Compare team are constantly working to update Compare and Compare+. Compare updates are published to themeforest and Compare+ updates are published to this site.
  • Common installation issues
  • Very often we are contacting with an installation issue where people are uploading the zip file they download from themeforest; it is important that this file is unzipped to find the actual installation files that are required. For more information please see the documentation section of this site.
  • I can’t install the plugin into my WordPress theme
  • Make sure that you have unzipped the zip file you downloaded from themeforest, the installation files needed are within it. For more information please see the documentation section of this site.
  • Is the plugin compatible with other Themes?
  • At the moment the Compare+ plugin is only compatible with the Compare theme.
  • Can I use the plugin on multiple websites?
  • This would depend on the licences that you purchased, Compare+ standard can be used on one site only. Compare+ Advanced can be used on 3 sites and Compare+ Expert can be used with 10 sites.
  • Can my colleagues use the plugin?
  • The plugin can only be used on as many sites that the licence allows, if you need it for more than 1 site make sure you purchase a higher licence.
  • Can I resell the plugin to my clients?
  • The plugin is not available for resale, we shall be creating an affiliate scheme in Q2 2015 to allow you to earn of recommending the plugin ito other people.