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WPPriceComparison is the new home for our flagship products, the Compare Theme and Compare+ Plugin. Compare is a Powerful, Professional, Premium WordPress Price Comparison theme. The Compare+ Plugin is the perfect extension to the Compare Price Comparison Theme, which has unique functionality for affiliates who want to build up their own Price Comparison site.

Features of our Compare Theme

100% Responsive

Our Compare theme is responsive, meaning your website will display perfectly on any device that it’s viewed on! Not exactly sure what we mean? Visit this site on your mobile device and notice how the content is re-structured to fit perfectly on your screen.

Extensive Theme Options

Compare comes bundled with advanced theme options, such as Google Analytics Tracking and 4 different custom page layouts, not to mention a detailed step-by-step guide on how to get set-up right away.

Awesome Support

As with all of our products, you’ll receive six months worth of support via our integrated support ticketing system, as well as any future releases of the product over the next year free of charge with your purchase of either our Compare Theme or our Compare+ Plugin.

Multiple Layout Options

Prefer to view items in a grid or list layout? The choice is yours with out pre-defned layout options. Don’t forget that our updated Compare Theme is responsive, so no more having to pinch and zoom on your mobile device to see the products available!

Easy to Customise

Our Compare Theme is built with our customer’s interests in mind, meaning modifications to the design/layout can be made easily. Want to change the background color, or upload a new logo? No problem at all!

Social Network Integration

Our Compare Theme has been optimised for social network optimisation, meaning you can enable or disable sharing and select which individual networks to show, an integral part of making any affiliate network a success!

Custom Widgets

Our pre-installed Custom Widgets allow you to integrate advanced functionality into your web pages without having to know the ins and outs of the technical side behind it.

Instant set-up using Sample Data

We understand things can be confusing if your new to affiliate marketing networks, so to make things easy we’ve provided a set of Sample Data meaning you get get up and running instantly.

Compare+ Plugin Features

The Compare+ Plugin is the perfect companion to the Compare theme, allowing you to manage a large database of items and build up an affiliate price comparison website of your own.

Automated Affiliate Feeds

  • Setup feeds pointing to your affiliate links and have these import automatically keeping your site up to date without constant manual updates.

Integrate Directly To The Amazon API

  • If you don’t have affiliate links don’t worry, instead fill your site with products from Amazon.
  • The Compare+ plugin is integrated directly to the Amazon API so all you have to do is add your Amazon IDs, setup some search terms and away you go.

Mappings – simple or complex it’s up to you

  • The product has sophisticated mapping technology embedded within in it.
  • If you want to keep your site nice and clean you can use our mapping tools to map the brands, products and categories from your feeds to those already setup within your site.
  • If you prefer the easy option you can tell Compare+ to import as it sees fit.

Updating feeds

  • Compare+ runs regular cron jobs to keep your site up to date.
  • Feed imports run with helpful support messages to ensure you can self diagnose any issues you come up against.
  • Our helpful support team are also on hand to assist with any issues you may have

Start building your own WordPress Price Comparison website today!