Here at Comparison Works HQ we’ve been busy working on the latest release of our new version of the Compare price comparison theme for WordPress and our Compare+ plugin. This new release includes lots of new features, patches and important fixes, taking into account all your valuable feedback & comments.


Compare v1.3 and Compare Plus v1.0.9 latest features include:

  • Global product description with WYSIWYG editor (C)
  • Products shown on category page rather than brands. This is a new theme option (C)
  • Compatibility with PageNavi pagination plugin (C)
  • Related products on product detail page. This is a new theme option (C)
  • Product commenting option on product detail page. This is a new theme option (C)
  • Open product deep-links in new window rather than in the same. This is a new theme option (C)
  • Improved database structure for performance reasons (C and C+)
  • Short codes allowed in product description. This is a new theme option (C)
  • Removed ability to change the feed type once the feed is set up as a subfeed for improved performance (C+)
  • Various SQL query improvements for improved performance (C and C+)
  • Ability to see all unmapped categories per feed rather than all in one list (C+)
  • Product exclusion process performance improved (C+)
  • Subscriber role can no longer see Compare+ admin menu or interact with the plugin (C+)
  • Tradedoubler CSV and XML parsers added as default (C+)
  • Changed cron time from 15 minutes to 5 minutes (C+)

Bug fixes and patches

  • Product slug fix if product name was too long (C and C+)
  • Could not select and use default brand (C+)
  • Product descriptions in taxonomy pages were the same (C)
  • PHP setting “max_input_vars” did not allow to map categories properly on some servers where this was restricted (C+)
  • If feed URL was too long the feed did not import (C+)
  • Could not limit products imported per feed for CSV feeds (C+)
  • Could not map categories if category string included ampersand symbol (C+)
  • Automatic parser field detection was not working properly if column or field was encapsulated by quotation marks (C+)
  • Problems with feeds where price field contained whitespaces (C)
  • Taxonomy pages were not paginated correctly (C)
  • System displayed additional slashes in places. (C+)

Comparison Works would also like to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to all our loyal customers for your positive feedback and suggestions, and for helping to make the theme as popular as it has now become.

We will be developing a responsive version of the design in the new year. This is also set to include additional support for rating and review system, brand mapping functionality, improved product mapping and revision of overall usability, more currencies, pretty links, tracking & statistics and much more.

We look forward to hearing your feedback on this latest release and we wish you all a Happy Christmas and an awesome New Year!!