Brand Mapping

Now that the responsive update has been released for the Compare theme we have had time to listen to you and add a long awaited feature…..drum roll please……brand mapping. This now means that if you have 2 feeds that have the same brand within them but it is spelled differently in one to the other you can use mapping to ensure you only have 1 version of this brand in your site. It works the same way as the category mapping in that there is a mapping tool.

One further extension of this that we are pretty excited about is that you can also then use this feature to fill in the blanks should the feeds you are using not contain a brand at all. If you want you could change the parser to point to the product name, set force import of brands to false on the product feed and then map each product to a brand using the mapping tool. Then you end up with your feed not containing brands but your site can. We have seen this be useful for some of our test customers and we hope it is useful to you also.

Feeds behind Authentication (Commission Junction for example)

Until now if you wanted to access a feed which required a username and password you had to download it and then upload it locally to Compare+ to make the feed work. We have now added settings to each feed which let you store a http username and password, if they exist Compare+ will send this information when retrieving the feed so you can now go direct.

Enhanced CSV parser functionality

CSV feeds can sometimes be in a less than ideal data structure (I’m looking at you TradeDoubler); this can mean that sometimes there are more than one item of data in each column. Imagine a feed which looks like this, where comma is the column separator

Product name, extra information, category
Generic Smart Phone, PRODUCT_BRAND=big brand; Price=20.00, Smart Phones

You are now able to pick out brand and price in the parser using expressions even though both items are within 1 column called extra information. To pick out Brand you would use the following expression in the brand parser field

fextra information=(preg_match(“/PRODUCT_BRAND:(.*?);/”,$value, $matches); return $matches[1]; )

Pagination Bug

Some of our customers have started to see a few issues if they include various plugins along side Compare+. The issue was that they could not see the feeds in the feed management page, this has now been resolved in this version of Compare+. Keep letting us know as your environments change if things start to break and we will look into it for you.

We look forward to bringing you many more powerful features in the near future.