v1.1 – Various Improvements and Fixes ( 15 March 2013 )

  • Scenario: Import feed > map categories > delete feed > see mapping again <-did not delete mapped categories related to particular feed and sometimes caused unexpected results
  • Product mapping bug (17” TV changes to 17\’\’ TV) > could not map
  • Change text of alert on /wp-admin/admin.php?page=feed_managementdue Misspelling of “minutes”
  • Change of name for format_size() function to aw_format_size() to prevent conflict with other plugins
  • New plugin setting “Attempt to map by product name when EAN is supplied?”. Default “Yes”
  • Various bug fixes in compare_cron.php and functions.php

v1.0.9 – Various Improvements and Fixes ( 07 December 2012 )

  • Improved database structure for performance reasons
  • Removed ability to change the feed type once the feed is set up as a subfeed for improved performance
  • Various SQL query improvements for improved performance
  • Ability to see all unmapped categories per feed rather than all in one list
  • Product exclusion process performance improved
  • Subscriber role can no longer see Compare+ admin menu or interact with the plugin
  • Tradedoubler CSV and XML parsers added as default
  • Changed cron time from 15 minutes to 5 minutes
  • Product slug fix if product name was too long
  • Could not select and use default brand
  • PHP setting “max_input_vars” did not allow to map categories properly on some servers where this was restricted
  • If feed URL was too long the feed did not import
  • Could not limit products imported per feed for CSV feeds
  • Could not map categories if category string included ampersand symbol
  • Automatic parser field detection was not working properly if column or field was encapsulated by quotation marks
  • System displayed additional slashes in places

v1.0.8 – Auto-Detect XML / CSV fields, more custom fields & more ( 03 August 2012 )

  • Parser improvement – automatic XML / CSV field name detection
  • Added additional fields, e.g. price was, Last updated time stamp, Mature Content Rating, Stock, Gender, Color, Size (will be added to front-end template in a future release)
  • Display feed name in category mapping for better control and traceability
  • Master description on feed level – select which feed the product description should come from
  • Changed EAN product count in statistics on dashboard
  • Removed default slug name to prevent mistakes

v1.0.7 – Sub Feeds & Various Fixes ( 11 June 2012 )

  • Sub feeds
  • Category force import per feed
  • “Unlock” button in red color, “import” button hidden while locked
  • Check for new DB tables on C+ home page
  • “Import this feed” button along with “view feeds” right after creating/editing feed
  • Bugfix – no empty parser form when created. Now correctly shows that parser was created
  • Category count on category mapping tool fixed
  • Applied trim function to all values imported via cron job

v1.0.6 – Various Fixes & Additions ( 16 May 2012 )

  • Additional debug to check if file is writable
  • Tables are collated to UTF8 to avoid character encoding problems
  • Product force import per feed
  • Bug fix to currency problems with decimal separator
  • Bug fix to feed links to prevent encoded titles
  • Bug fix to prevent wp_error while importing feed

v1.0.5 – Improved XML parser and additional checks ( 13 April 2012 )

  • Added functionality to allow parsing of nested XML elements as well as XML element attributes
  • Added database table check to system info page
  • Bug fix for table creation problem which was caused by the primary key being too long in UTF-8
  • Bug fix by adding stripslashes() to feed URL for feeds having quotes in their path
  • Bug fix to allow the use of the last field of CSV files

v1.0.4 – Various Fixes & Additions ( 30 March 2012 )

  • Added default brand input field for CSV feeds (compare_feed_management.php)
  • Added default brand for CSV to cronjob (compare_cron.php)
  • Character encoding problems affecting permalinks (functions.php)

v1.0.3 – Various Fixes & Additions ( 22 March 2012 )

  • New Pipe ( | ) field separator option added for CSV feeds
  • Feed value cleanup – recursively removing single and double quotes from beginning and end of strings, e.g. category name which was a problem in some feeds
  • HTML category separator bug fixed on “Edit feed” screen

v1.0.2 – Various Fixes & Additions ( 14 March 2012 )

  • Field separator option only displayed for CSV feeds
  • Specified correct version number required for automatic database upgrades
  • Addressed Spelling mistake in code and database schema

v1.0.1 – Various Fixes & Additions ( 08 March 2012 )

  • added two additional field separators for CSV feeds (on add/edit feed screen)
  • Default Brand / Brand Overwrite – product brand name is a mandatory field and we found that often this does not get populated by retailers. To get around this problem we added a default brand that can be set per feed which will be used for products without a brand name.
  • Feed download debug info – the feed download is done via [link_sc url=”http://php.net/manual/en/book.curl.php” title=”cURL” /] and we now output the debug information about the transfer (e.g. size and HTTP return code) when the feed import is executed manually.
  • Updated screenshots on plugin homepage
  • Fix to statistics displayed on plugin main admin screen

v1.0 – First Release ( 01 March 2012 )

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