First I must deal with the title of this blog post and apologize that “comparisony” is not a word, I have no valid excuse other than to say that at Comparison Works we are all things Comparison and this apparently now includes making up new comparison related words!

Last week we held our Comparison Works annual strategy meeting and decided on the direction for the next twelve months.  For those interested we have decided to keep working on and supporting the existing Compare WordPress theme and Compare Plus product set, along side this however we are embarking on a standalone Compare Plus plugin which will be able to be used with any WordPress theme.  This is no small undertaking as we will be looking to make use of our years of experience in the comparison space to build the best product the market has to offer.   Our target is to get live before 2018 so there is no exciting news at this point but we will keep you posted with our progress across the following months.  If you have any suggestions or things you would like to see in the plugin then please let us know through the comments section.

Speak soon

Comparison Team