Eclipse Link Cloaker is a WordPress plugin that masks tracking links providing a number of benefits to affiliate publishers. The plugin offers several cloaking types, allows you to control which links are hidden and lets you track statistics, as well as a whole load of other useful features. Masking affiliate links is important not only because it looks neat and tidy, but because those people who recognise your affiliate links will be less likely to remove them or use their own in its place.

The Eclipse Link Cloaker is packed full of handy features and options that will save you time, prevent loss of earnings and help maximise the potential of your site. With the Google Analytics integration feature you can keep a keen eye on your click statistics, allowing you to track, analyse and make further modifications. Features like being able to apply various customisations all at once save huge amounts of time, as does the clever option to automatically assign keywords to affiliate links throughout your entire content.
The Eclipse plugin is compatible for all browsers and customers receive free, automatic upgrades. They also offer a 60 day money back guarantee for any customer who is unhappy with the product, so sign up and try it for free.