Compare Plus Price Comparison Plugin

Compare+ is a WordPress plugin which extends the Compare theme to allow your site to link directly into affiliate API’s and affiliate feeds to fill your site with products. Affiliate feeds are sets of data (in csv or xml format) from merchants and affiliate managers that list all the current products and prices from their websites. The feeds contain a unique link allocated to yourself, once Compare+ has been configured these links (along with prices, categories and product details) are automatically imported into the Compare theme every day to keep your site up to date with the latest product information.  When people visit your site and click on these links this action is tracked by the affiliate manager, if the person then makes a purchase you receive a percentage of the sale price as commission.

Compare+ also comes with other rich features such as a link into the Amazon API so that you can import products from the Amazon website, it also it contains category mapping and product mapping functionality.

Amazon API

Compare Plus hooks directly into the Amazon product API.  Create a feed, tell Compare+ what to search for in Amazon, run the feed and your site will have the Amazon products available to buy.

Affiliate Feeds

The plugin allows you to setup feeds to import any affiliate feed you may have (xml or csv format).  This includes all the major affiliate networks such as Tradedoubler and Affiliate Window.



Filling your site with affiliate feed data is fantastic and Compare Plus daily updates keep your site upto date.  Affiliate feeds though can be all in different formats; to combat this Compare Plus has mapping tools to keep your site neat and tidy.  You can map brands, products and categories from the feeds to brand, products and categories you have setup in your site using the mapping tools provided.


You can buy the plugin directly from this site.  Remember Compare Plus extends the Compare WordPress theme so make sure you have first purchased the theme.

Daily Feed Updates - Cron

Once setup all the feeds within Compare Plus will re-import daily keeping your site up-to-date with the latest price changes.  The plugin uses the WordPress cron job to manage this and there are settings within it letting you set the best times of the day for the imports to run.

Product Feature

Complare Plus mapping tools make managing large data feeds easy.  Choose the feed you want to map, go through the list setting the mapped category or tell Compare Plus to make a new category.  Simple!

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