Price Comparison Pro

Price Comparison Pro was developed to give your customers peace of mind that they’re getting the best price possible when they make a purchase online. This flexible plugin ensures your affiliate store prices are always up to date, with Price Comparison Pro working to update your prices as they change, meaning you don’t need to update your affiliate data feed to show the latest prices.

Seamlessly integrating with WooCommerce and existing shortcodes, Price Comparison Pro slots in neatly with whichever services you currently use on your price comparison WordPress site, making it simple to install and maintain.

With guaranteed up to date prices, you don’t need to worry about users clicking away from your site to compare prices elsewhere, they can find out all the information they need right there on your site. Additionally, you have the option to scrape images from third party URLs to serve bigger and better product images to help inspire your customers.



Price: $90
  • Scrapes bigger and better images that most data feeds
  • Works with all affiliate networks
  • Search widgets included